Best SEO company London 2017 – 2018

SEO Domination is one of the top SEO companies in London. We have a proven track record of rankings and know exactly what we are doing. Our practices have be proven to be highly effective in increasing rankings for our clients. When you a deciding for a SEO company you should be very careful as many of the companies use old black hat techniques that don’t work any more or can even hurt you website rankings.

How to distinguish a high quality SEO company from a low quality one?

The company should definitely show you some new websites that they have ranked recently and also their website should be on the first page of Google for at least some SEO related keywords that actually have some real search volume. Everyone can rank for something that no one is searching for as there is no competition for those keywords. The company should also be able to rank keywords for less money in the long term than it would cost you in Google Adwords. So if a click for your keyword costs 2£ and you are targeting a 1000 searches a month keyword, the cost for one year of SEO services should be lower than what you would have paid for PPC advertisement.

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