Why Premium SEO Is Cheaper In The Long Term – It’s too expensive to buy cheap

how much to spend on seo

If you are a business owner like many others, who exhausted all traditional marketing solutions and are looking for new ways of promoting your business, then you are perhaps a little fed up spending your businesses hard earned money on advertising that either yields little results is incredibly hard to measure or is super expensive and is in most cases not profitable.

In todays world, many businesses rely in a way on internet traffic to promote or sell their products and/or services, and most businesses are moving away from the traditional marketing tools such as flyers and newspaper advertisements and are looking for digital solutions.

With so many options available in the digital world of marketing and things changing faster than you can learn them it can often be a tricky decision on how best to spend your budget.

In some cases It may seem like a good business decision to spend the least amount of money possible – but SEO is not the case.

Truth about Search Engine Optimisation Pricing

Search engine optimisation is a good example of the type of marketing where the more you spend, the better off your business will be. This works only in one direction dough. If someone is offering you cheap services the results will mostly also be cheap, but someone charging you premium doesn’t also necessary guarantee you premium results. There are some shady companies out there who charge insane amounts but outsource everything to cheap providers.

In reality, if you have an expert SEO service provider it should pay for itself and deliver a profit for the investing company – after all, if you told me I would have to spend £2,000 per month on SEO and I would only ever see a return in sales of £1500 then I would not employ an SEO agency.

How much does SEO cost

However, if for my £2,000 per month investment I am seeing a £4,000 return of which £2,000 is profit, then I will be more than happy with my decision.

Let’s take this one step further and consider we can scale the process.

What if I could then say, ‘okay, let’s spend £4,000 per month on SEO and see a return of £6,000 in profit’.

Am I going to take this deal – of course I am! Wouldn’t you?

Benefits of SEO And PPC

SEO Services Pricing Vs. Google Adwords Pricing

If we look at search engine optimisation pricing versus Google Adwords pricing and compare them, then we can see the long-term benefits of SEO and dive deeper into the idea of search engine optimisation cost being less important than we first thought. The most important indicator is the return of investment or ROI.

If we take an average price for a keyword of £5 and we say there are 3000 monthly searches for this keyword. Only 30% of searches click on the payed ads and 70% on the organic results.

This immediately eliminates 70% of clients for businesses using Adwords. So in order to get those 1000 remaining customers you would have to pay £5000 per month and as soon you stop paying your traffic goes to 0.

1000 visitors per month is not that much. That is only roughly 30 visitors per day. Do you think 30 visitors per day is worth £5000? Well it must be if the price of that keyword is £5 othervise people would not pay as much for it. It is all based on demand and how many people are bidding for a certain keyword.

Lets run the same math with a search engine optimisation campaign.

If we manage to achieve a number one organic Google ranking, then we can expect to attract 40% click through on the entire search volume to our website. That translates to 1200 visitors per month. Do you think paying £2000 per month is expensive, especially if I tell you that you always get more traffic (from my experience at least 2x more) than the estimated volume is for that specific keyword. And where does this traffic come from? It’s all long tail keywords which have a to low monthly search volume to be tracked but there are hundreds variations of it. I published one post once and the targeted keyword had a monthly search volume of 20, but the article started generation more than 50 unique visitors per day.

Do you still think paying £2000 is expensive? What is more expensive, paying £100 per month for some service that will not rank your website or even penalise it, or something that will return you double your money?

seo cost

What is a Fair Price to Pay SEO services? – SEO Pricing

From my experience it costs about £10000 per month using Adwords to attract £20000 per month of business, so how can you expect to pay £500 for a SEO campaign and  still expect the same results?

I am not saying a fair price for SEO services is £10000 but I am saying you should be prepared to pay at least half on it if you want similar or better results.

No One Size Fits All Packages

Not all businesses are going to profit from SEO as some terms just don’t have a high enough search volume and other strategies would be more effective. That is why you need a SEO consultant that can guide you and offer the best solution, weather that is SEO, PPC or social media marketing.

It is not possible for any two projects to be the same and that is why a strategy must be bespoke. A good SEO pricing strategy will include a whole range of factors including the competition, the costs of pay per click, the resources needed to rank and many other influencing factors.

Usually, the more profitable the keyword the more competition you will expect to face. Although this is not a hard and fast rule and there are exceptions.

Why quality SEO Is Not Cheap

Google is looking at more than 200 different ranking factors. Every couple of months it brings out a new algorithm that shakes up the world of SEO. A good SEO needs to test what works and what doesn’t work anymore just to keep up to date with the latest algorithm changes. This is just a super high level overview of the know how a SEO must have to perform. We could speak about countless hours of gaining that knowledge and countless more in maintaining it. What about all the work that needs to be done just to put the hard gained knowledge to work? SEO is not a push of a button thing and it requires hard work, patience and time to make it work.

A reputable SEO company will continue to work to ensure your prime location (Google position 1-5) and it will cost you money but in return you will get the customers, the satisfaction, and ultimately a huge return on investment.

If compare SEO and Google Adwords to real estate business, then it seems another fair analogy to say that Adwords is like renting a property – you can only stay in that location if you continue to pay your rent, whereas SEO is more like buying a house – it cost you X amount in monthly payments, but the investment will pay back in the long term.


I hope this made you clear that you should not worry about the price but rather the ROI. Ask your SEO company for examples of their work and how many new visitors they have driven to their clients website. You should also know that just like a good lawyer a good SEO won’t work for change. Every SEO that I know and has a decent knowledge of ranking websites has a certain price tag and most of them charge mostly the same as everything is somehow related to Adwords pricing. If someone is offering you a service way cheaper than that you should be highly sceptical about his work.

I see a lot of companies offering packages for £249, £199 and even £99 per month, but they don’t offer results. They are just selling a unit of cheap monthly work with questionable effect on your website rankings.

How much does a guy flipping burgers earn each month for doing that job that requires very little skill and very little knowledge?

Do you think your SEO agency is going to provide your business with a £20,000 per month profit for the same amount of money as the guy flipping burgers is earning?

No… I didn’t think so.

You should look to get a good price for your SEO but above all you should look to work with a company you trust and can deliver a good return on investment.

Whether that investment is $1,500 or $25,000 per month – it does not matter as long as it is profitable long term.

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