The true value of SEO

SEO today is a lot different from what SEO used to be a few years ago. Those who knew how to game the system would make sure that their websites (or their clients’ websites) were at the top of the search engines, whether they deserved to be there or not. It was an interesting and unfair time when those who were looking for shortcuts and not doing quality work ruled the search engine results. Myriads of high quality sites would rank worse than spam-filled cesspools of bad, spun, or keyword-stuffed content. It was a dire time for those who worked hard and hoped to be rewarded for their efforts. That reward came, of course, but it was like training for a year only to get the second place, losing to someone who’s trained for a month but used steroids.

It is methodologically important to take a skeptical approach to the practices of search engine optimisation. But the principle strategic purpose of optimising for high placement in the organic search results is demonstrably valuable, and demonstrably achievable. That is, I am not skeptical of the value of SEO, but of the purported methods of achieving success in it.

Technical SEO vs. technical SEOs
While technical SEO is just following best practices, it’s rarely done well. A lot of practitioners who are lumped into a “technical SEO” category really just have core competencies and follow checklists but lack a true understanding. If technical SEO were easy, then websites wouldn’t have so much wrong with them. And the other thing is that most times web site development companies do not specialise in SEO even dough they claim they do. That is why it is really important to hire someone who is specialised in SEO and knows exactly what needs to be done.

In order for SEO to be a valuable pursuit two things must be true. There must be a benefit to possessing high search engine rankings, and you must be able to manipulate the web environment to achieve those rankings.

And the most important thing is the ROI. If pursuing SEO is more expensive that doing PPC for example than what is the point of investing so much time and money into something that could be done instantly and cheaper. Luckily we poses the skills to get you a ROI far more interesting that the one from a PPC campaign and that is the reason why our clients are so happy with our work.

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